Khda British School Dubai

When it comes to education, we all want the very best for our children. We leave no stone unturned. Educators, schools, students, and parents all wish to provide and attain quality education for kids. If you are living in an illustrious city like Dubai that is home to diverse nationalities, looking for a school that works on the holistic learning and development of your child is important.  With schools sprucing up in every city, it can get confusing for parents to pick the right school for their child. Dubai indeed has an advanced education system that is well-governed and managed to meet the needs of the growing population. It ensures that along with state-of-the-art facilities, it also offers the best British curriculum to students and learners. The private schools in the emirate are regulated by a governing body known as the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). It is the leading quality assurance and regulatory body of the Government of Dubai that evaluated quality education in Dubai.  It maintains high standards in the city’s private educational sector, including schools, pre-schools, universities, and vocational training institutes.  Choosing a KHDA British School Dubai is extremely beneficial for the learning and development of children.

How does KHDA help?

First and foremost, it provides reports on each school in Dubai. As a parent, it helps you make your job of choosing the aptest school for your child easier. It ranks the school on a specific set of criteria and provides five-level rankings. The research and reports provided by the KHDA help the school improve its offerings and also guides them on their fee hike.

Why should you choose a KHDA certified school?

The KHDA reports are trustworthy, good and the single most official resource for assessing schools. When rating a school, the KHDA assesses the school from academic attainment in core subjects to quality of leadership and management skills at school, the attitudes of students and monitoring of results are also taken into consideration. The KHDA, besides carrying out school inspections, also arranges meetings with parents, students, and education providers to assess the school’s performance.

If a school is a KHDA British School Dubai , one can rest assured that the school meets all standards of quality education.  Choosing a KHDA certified school means, that the programs and the curriculum of the school are developed keeping innovation and learning in mind and is constantly updated as well. When picking a school for your child, the KHDA ratings top the chart.  A school that holds the KHDA certification offers an education system that prepares students for life, helps them develop an informed curiosity, and fuels their passion for learning.  You must choose a KHDA certified school because

  • The faculty and staff are committed to creating an environment of improvement, growth, and achievement
  • They practice a culture of diversity and championship. Everyone is allowed to learn and develop at their own pace.
  • Practices hands-on innovative learning methods and is home to a collaborative and supportive community
  • It has a wide range of activities for children that help spread the joy of learning

Apple Community School is the best KHDA British School Dubai. AICS provides a clear and comprehensive picture of student quality of life in Dubai and choosing a school that holds its certification is the best gift of education for your child.