Age requirements guidelines

AICS places students in age-appropriate year levels in accordance with the Ministry of Education/KHDA regulations.

Families are encouraged to use the country comparison chart below to ensure that they are applying to the correct Year level, considering the differences that exist in the naming of “grades” around the world.

Age Criteria

Key StageAgeYear Group
Foundation Stage 13FS1
Foundation Stage 24FS2
Key Stage 15 - 7Year 1 - Year 2
Key Stage 27 - 11Year 3 - Year 6
Key Stage 311 - 13Year 7 - Year 9
If there are questions about the correct grade-Year level placement, please contact the Admission Team. Please note the new KHDA regulations for FS1/FS2 applications September 2022/23 and the changes of age requirements:
Age as of August 31 of each school year Year
3 years oldFS1 (Nursery/ Pre.K.G)
4 years oldFS2
5 years old1
6 years old2
7 years old3
8 years old4
9 years old5
10 years old6
11 years old7
12 years old8
13 years old 9

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