Parent Testimonials

Parent of Eva (FS2A)

I appreciate your help with my kid very much. Just as a result of the AICS teachers' efforts, my kid has made enormous strides. Thanks for your work, but please know that lots of love is being sent from Eva.

Parent of Shavneet (1B)

We are glad to enrol our son in AICS since we enrolled Shavneet in AICS his reading and learning skills are improved apart from education PE Team put so much effort to engage kids in physical activities that help my son to achieve a gold medal in the recent school race. overall, I am glad that my son is studying in AICS. Thanks for everything.

Parent of Aysha Zoobiya (1D)

I chose AICS because I want my daughter to have the best education possible in a friendly and pastoral environment.

Parent of Gavin (Year 1)

My kid has completed his 3D shape practice test. I'm so glad he understands it so well; thank you for successfully instructing the children. Both the academic challenges and the extracurricular pursuits at AICS are enjoyable to him.

Parent of Jiyaansh Mehta (FS1B)

Almost six weeks have passed since the start of the school year, and my boy still gets giddy just thinking about going to school to see his friends and teachers. All of this has been made possible by the incredibly upbeat and welcoming environment that AICS has fostered.

Parent of Sara Puda (7B)

Sara puda, my daughter, makes me so proud. Becoming head girl in her first year in dubai is such an honor and the transition from uk to dubai is not easy. Thanks, aics school for your great support, she has the opportunity to become head girl as a result.