Get Great Education In The British Curriculum At An Affordable Rate

Providing children with good education has always been a priority among parents. Right from the curriculum, reputation, and faculty to the fee structure, parents have to look into every aspect before making the final choice. In recent years, there has been a steady rise in the number of British schools in Dubai. Most schools go the extra mile to stay ahead of the competition. For parents, the choice becomes even more difficult, leaving affordability as the primary determinator.

Amongst the many affordable British schools in Dubai, The Apple International Community School stands out, in particular. The Apple International community school is one of the best British Curriculum schools in Dubai. We bring to you affordable schooling along with excellence. We have a well-equipped learning environment that includes a library, science labs and playgrounds. The best part is that all the facilities are reasonably priced and cost-effective, hence making great education in the British curriculum at an affordable rate a reality in Dubai.

The Apple International Community School is well known for its extraordinary panel of educators and the facilities for the overall development of children. Some of the facilities that make the school unique are as follows.

  • Modern Learning approach: Smart and collaborative classroom experience with the latest technology. Teachers create exciting and immersive learning experiences with the help of interactive panels and collaborative technology to facilitate group learning.
  • Prioritising Safety: The school adheres to International Health and Safety standards. The school managers, head teachers, principals, and teachers are well-trained to ensure the safety of students and staff.
  • Maintaining Balance: Ideal Student-Teacher ratio to ensure that the learning ability of each student is considered and teachers can personally attend to each student.
  • Best-in-class Facilities: Sports activities are equally essential for academic performance. The school has an Outdoor Turfed Football Field, Swimming Pool, Separate covered outdoor play areas for FS students, Tennis Court, and Basketball Synthetic Court.
  • Scope to Experiment and Learn: Learning is about experimentation and labs are an essential part of this. The Apple International Community School has a dedicated Science Laboratory, a well-equipped ICT, and Innovation Lab.
  • Nurturing the creative side: And while the scientific temperament is nurtured, so is the creative side for which the school has Specialised Art & Music room.

The Apple International Community School is a part of LEAMS education, an educational management company in the UAE. LEAMS Education (Leading Education And Management Solutions) believes in making state-of-the-art facilities available for students with the flair to experiment and learn.