Choosing An Affordable British Curriculum School In Dubai

Schooling for children is essential. Often, parents are forced to weigh between curriculum and affordability. It’s no secret that the costs of schools are constantly on a rise. But the question is the cost worth it in the long run? Would it actually help in ensuring that the future is secure? To keep things simpler, let’s focus on the affordable British schools in Dubai. Yes, there are good and affordable schools in Dubai. However, one must add that, affordability is a relative term, so what might be expensive to one may not be so for the other.

That being said how do you weigh the options? As parents, there are various factors that come to the fore, right from the distance to how the teachers interact with children.  The best British schools in Dubai, have curricula in common, but one school may outpace the other in terms of performance, resources or even infrastructure.

The Factors That Must be Considered

The infrastructure: We often tend to look for add-ons in anything and everything. This applies even when it comes to choosing a school. British curriculum schools in Dubai often have striking outdoor play areas, high-end labs, highly competent teachers, and huge infrastructure. When considering the costs and their children’s needs, parents often overlook that they might be paying for things their child may not even use. What does your child need? Create a priority list before assessing any affordable British schools in Dubai.

The reputation: The next question that needs to be asked is the reputation of even the best British schools in Dubai. The answer often lies within the latest KHDA reports. The past report highlighted that amongst the 176 schools inspected by KHDA, 28 schools are rated Very Good, 74 schools are rated Good, and 52 schools are rated Acceptable. As a result, it’s crucial to keep in mind which category the school belongs to while evaluating costs, as the fees are frequently related to the same.

The Growth: With the number of British schools in Dubai increasing considerably, there’s a competitive fee structure that many new schools tend to offer. The older and more established schools offer an institution with a reputable culture and long alumni, it may not be as invested in growth in terms of infrastructure as well as advancement in learning methodologies. So, affordability would also point towards older buildings, facilities and equipment and location.

With all that said, when choosing schools in Dubai that follow the British curriculum, additional fees such as books, resource fees, and computer fees – should be considered along with the tuition.


Apple community school offers you affordable schooling as well as excellence. From well-equipped libraries, a nice campus for advancing science labs and ample space, the school has an environment that makes learning worthwhile. While students are provided with all the necessary facilities, the tuition fees are also cost-effective making affordable British schools in Dubai a reality.