Students Of Apple Int’l Community School, Part Of Leams Education, Races Ahead In Nasa Int’l Space Challenge 2022

Students of Apple Int’l Community School, part of LEAMS Education, race ahead in NASA Int’l Space Challenge 2022

A group of students team from Apple Int’l Community School have won the NASA International Space App Challenge 2022 while other students have been nominated for the global hackathon reflecting the quality of education at LEAMS Education Group

Date: Dubai, November 01, 2022

Students of the Apple International Community School (AICS), part of LEAMS Education, have achieved another global milestone in technology innovation when some of them have won the NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2022 while the others have been nominated in the annual global hackathon, reflecting their prowess in computer science, engineering, and coding skills.

The students have secured the position of Global Nominee & Winner in the NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2022 for the Abu Dhabi Region.

NASA International Space Apps Challenge which started in 2012, has now become the largest annual global hackathon in the world. The main motive of the competition is to raise awareness of NASA data around the world and to encourage growth and diversity in the next generation of scientists, technologists, designers, engineers, and artists. This year’s edition of the NASA International Space Apps Challenge was named “Make Space!” Development of Space Apps to eliminate barriers of access to space and science opportunities.

Apple International Community School (AICS), which has a strong scientific and innovative education system in place, is one of the pioneers in the early adaptation of Coding, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Robotics. Its creative and innovative students have made their mark in their first ever NASA International Space Apps Challenge in the Abu Dhabi Region, came out on top at the competition overcoming a number of challenges, including a tight deadline.

Out of 22 available Hackathon competitions, the students of AICS chose the topic of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little, Star’ a challenge to develop a learning tool to teach people about stellar variability and help them understand how dynamic the night sky really is by effectively showing how and why stars change.

The Team UWR-AICS-ASTRAL that consisted of 4 students – Umar Nasir, Yuruihang Wang, Adeesha Nethuka Hasaral and Omar Nabil Lahir – received a very disciplined expert training from Unique World Robotics, a pioneer institute in Robotics, Coding and AI training in the UAE. They conducted extensive research using data and material provided by NASA and other space agencies and showed great commitment, enthusiasm, and hard workThey successfully submitted their project under the theme ‘Starlight’s the light we make’ and emerged as the winners of the competition and got nominated for Global Judging in the Abu Dhabi regionals competition.

During Global Judging, all Global Nominees will be reviewed by a team of expert judges from NASA and partner space agencies. Each project will be evaluated against the judgement metrics and the top teams will be declared as the “Global Finalists.” These Global Finalists will be carrying the country affiliation and will be proudly representing their country.

The Global Finalists will be reviewed by an executive committee from NASA and partner space agencies. and, leaders and executives at the agencies with a variety of subject matter expertise. This committee will nominate teams for one of 10 Global Awards and will be announced as Global Winners through Space Apps social media and will be published in the Space Apps website. Once travel is deemed safe, winning teams will receive an invitation to the Winners Trip, which will include a visit to a NASA Center and could potentially include viewing a spacecraft launch at a NASA facility. Each winning team member will be allowed to invite a guest of their choice.

Mr. Nabil Lahir, Chief Executive Officer of LEAMS Education, said, “We are extremely proud that our students from Apple International Community School are going to represent UAE in the finals of NASA Space Apps Challenge 2022, the World’s Largest Annual Hackathon event in space science with global participation from 162 countries and territories.

“I would like to congratulate the students, the school team, mentors, and the parents for supporting and guiding the students in the right way which helped them to succeed. LEAMS Education always ensures that our education system is helping our students learn all the futuristic technologies and will continue to support and guide the students to participate in future challenges and competitions.”

In The Apple International Community School, the futuristic learning curriculum is well established the students are given early lessons and practical training on Coding, Robotics, Designing, Machine Learning, 3-D Printing, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Digital Disruption. The school owns a well-equipped Innovation Lab supported by experts as faculties to ensure the best learning experience.

Ms. Pretty Khosla, Principal of AICS, says, “As our world changes fast, we need to upgrade and upskill our students as part of their development so that they excel in the new digital era where technology is disrupting the traditional business, economy, and social system. We want to make sure that they have access to all the latest technology, innovation tools, knowhow, and an eco-system to excel in the new economic order so that they are in charge of not only their destiny, but also play a great role in the change-making process.

“In this way, the AICS stands out from the rest in imbibing a culture of innovation so that they start innovating new things from the lab itself. Our students’ success in the latest round of NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2022 is just the beginning of many more such successes.”

The winning team members are so thrilled about the win. A team spokesperson, said, “We are so thankful to our school and our mentors for the training, guidance and support throughout the preparation and submission of the project.

“We are so excited about our win and really looking forward to winning the Global Finals and visiting NASA and the spacecraft launch. This also helped us boost our confidence and we will take part in future challenges and competitions that will help us explore and learn more.”


Editor’s Notes

About LEAMS Education

LEAMS Education, a UAE-based education management company, is a 42-year-old premier group that administers schools and nurseries across Dubai and Sharjah which provide the best-in-class education.

The company operates a number of educational institutions under its authority, including The Indian Academy Dubai, The Apple International School, The Oxford School Dubai, and Apple International Community School.

The foundation of LEAMS Education is based on a vision to provide quality education at affordable cost and it has been successful to achieve what it has aimed for, with its group of schools, which have both UK and CBSE curriculums available for its students. International Well Building Institute (IWBI) has recognized the efforts of LEAMS Education with its Well Health-Safety rating for creating a favorable learning environment across all its five schools in Dubai post COVID-19.

LEAMS Education was established by Mr. Abdul Lahir Hasan, the CEO of Gamma Holdings Ltd, in 1980s, with a goal to raise the standards of the education system in UAE.

With quality education, it offers well equipped state-of-the-art facilities ranging from exclusive libraries, techno-savvy labs, STEM / Robotic educational projects, and happiness and wellbeing centers. LEAMS encourages its students to be skillful in and beyond the classrooms, and to provide many opportunities and empower its students, LEAMS collaborated and partnered with many companies so far and wants to continue doing this.

About Apple International Community School

Apple International Community School (AICS), the newest school of LEAMS Education, is a multi-cultural and diverse institute. AICS provides a quality British education in the heart of Dubai in a safe and positive environment.

AICS provides a stimulating environment where all members of the school community including the parents are valued and encouraged to reach their fullest potential and experience success. The school supports the principles of inclusiveness, innovation, equality of access and full participation in the school.

It offers outstanding learning, sporting, and performing arts facilities including a sprawling football field, indoor swimming pool, Lawn Tennis and Badminton courts, Basketball courts, designated music/drama and visual arts rooms, library, and shared play areas for younger students.