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Best UK Curriculum Schools in Dubai

What makes us unique? Since the children who are chosen to attend our school receive the highest academic standards, cultivate exceptional manners, and have access to a Global Campus that no other school in Dubai provides. We assume that our students’ potential is limitless. As a result, we inspire them to pursue their goals. We prepare your child for the future by collaborating with the world’s best organisations to enhance learning. Individualizing our approach to your child allows them to achieve exceptional academic outcomes while also learning the skills and mentality necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Want to give the best education to your child then you must enrol him in Apple International Community school. Make him a part of our best UK curriculum schools in Dubai and give wings to his bright career. Give us a call today and book your appointment for the school tour. 

Let Your Child Enjoy Studying With The Best Faculty And Inculcate Innovative Learning

We believe that in order to ensure your child’s progress, we must have a unique experience in comparison to other schools in Dubai. We believe that a combination of the best curriculum, unrivalled foreign experiences, and the growth of ambition, trust, and impeccable manners makes all the difference at Apple International Community School. We are rated as the best UK curriculum schools in Dubai because of our interactive and innovative teaching methods. 

  • Students are immersed in foreign ventures and challenges.
  • Encourages students to explore, collaborate, compete, and celebrate with one another by cultivating their global networking skills.
  • Enhances classroom learning for students through one-of-a-kind experiences

We Expect Your Child To Be Ambitious, As We Strive To Be The Best UK Curriculum Schools In Dubai

Our Highest Quality Learning method will push them to think in different ways and inspire them to question the world around them. We’ll lift their hopes for their own future and give them the power to influence others’ paths.

Apple Community’s partnerships with world-leading organisations improve students’ learning through our online platform. Our partnership enhances our students’ STEAM skills, while our collaboration fosters our students’ imagination through the performing arts. Our partnership empowers students to make the world a better place. Our students at Apply Community International School receive a well-rounded education that is enhanced by these partnerships.

Apple Community Proves To Be The Best UK Curriculum Schools In Dubai With Well Trained Faculty

At AICS, there are no limitations on what you will do. Every school provides stimulating learning experiences, ensuring that your child enjoys going to school. Students are a part of more than just their own school; they are also a part of Global Campus, a virtual learning community where they can interact with students from all over the world.

Every part of Global Campus revolves around Apple community students. Before and after regional festivals, sporting activities, or global expeditions, they will learn from invited experts, participate in different challenges and competitions, or collaborate with peers.