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Best Private Schools in Karama Dubai

Apple International Community School is a multicultural and diverse learning environment that encourages students, faculty, and community members to reach their full potential in terms of intimate, artistic, academic, and athletic endeavors.  We at Apple International Community School are convinced that it is our responsibility to inspire the minds of tomorrow’s people and leaders as the Best Private Schools in Karama Dubai.

We value lifelong learning and are dedicated to instilling high self-esteem and empathy for others in our students. Our Core Values are a collection of shared ideals that define the expectations we have for the school community..

We are dedicated to developing a new generation of leaders by cultivating self-assured, responsible, and educated individuals with a lifelong passion for learning and growth, driven by the slogan Justice, Equality, and Unity.

Best Private School In Dubai To Offer Innovative Methods Of Teaching

The school is led by an experienced leadership team that is assisted by a governing body made up of a group of experienced, innovative individuals with a proven track record in various fields such as education, finance, and legal. 

  • The Governing Board of our Best Private Schools in Karama Dubai is responsible for providing crucial leadership to the school and ensuring that it is well-managed and that positive results are achieved. 
  • The governing board’s primary goal is to develop a plan for the Principal and school administration to provide the best education possible for all students at the school. 
  • They are related to key aspects of the school improvement plan, and their effect is tracked.

We believe in complete transparency as the best private school in Dubai Karama

We believe in working simultaneously with our parents. Parents can talk with us at any time thanks to our Parent Teacher Meetings, written reports, Open Classrooms, and a “open door” policy. We keep all lines of communication open at all times. 

The school chooses members of the School Parental Body and the Governing Body from the Friends of AICS to serve the parent group and ensure their participation in all facets of the school. 

In and out of school, parents, families, and members of the local community meet socially to plan activities to benefit the school. Parents’ suggestions and new ideas are always welcome in the growth of the school.

Apple International makes sure that the security of your ward is not compromised

LEAMS Education has pursued the International WELL Health Protection Rating to help construct cleaner, healthier spaces post COVID-19, certifying that The Apple International Community School has adopted evidence-based policies to help protect the health and safety of our students, parents, and community. 

At AICS, we prioritise keeping your children safe, healthy, and secure. The school’s systems and facilities meet all of the regulatory authorities’ safety requirements. The school is dedicated to ensuring and encouraging the well-being of all of its students.