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Best British Schools in Dubai

The move to become an inclusive school is all but natural for us today. We value the need for inclusive education for a better society. We all know that every child has individuality, strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that the education they receive all celebrates their individuality. Apple International Community School (AICS) is proud to be one of the best British schools in Dubai with a special education program.

You may be under the impression that Special Education programs are only meant for children diagnosed with some challenges and do not benefit the other students in the school.

This is the myth that we intend to dispel in this blog. Before we get into that, let us first take a look at our Special Education Program.

Special Education Programs in Best British Schools in Dubai

The basic premise for our Special Education program is born out of the knowledge that every child is different, and it is our moral responsibility to provide equal access and opportunity to every child.

The school has a program in place that is on the constant lookout for every challenge that the child faces and immediately deploy an effective solution. The academics and the classroom culture is designed in a way to accommodate the different needs of different children.

Apple international community school, as one of the best British schools in Dubai, strongly believes that the child comes first in every aspect and that enabling the development of every student via different learning accommodations is the first step in ensuring equity in education.

How all children benefit from Inclusive Classrooms and Different learning accommodations

Customized teaching methodology

Inclusive education and learning accommodations bring in a teaching methodology that works on each child’s strengths and weaknesses in equal importance. Education aims to improve the student’s knowledge and give them the tools to be responsible, aware, and confident adults in the world.

A teaching methodology that makes accommodations for each child and helps a student with their challenges to give them the same opportunities as others is a win-win program for everyone.

Bridging the gap

The world would be a better place if everyone celebrated the difference we had and learnt to see the beauty in diversity. Inclusive classrooms in special education programs do just that. Learning accommodations give the students an equal ground to work on and also shows them ways to celebrate diversity and their individuality.

Students, who grow up in a diverse learning environment with learning accommodations and awareness of special education needs, maintain better relationships and form stronger intellectual bonds in the future. They learn to connect with people on a deeper level without letting differences be a barrier.

Equal Standards for all

Countless research studies have shown us that students thrive in environments that expect more from them and tend to stagnate in the absence of expectations. The key is to strike a balance between expectations and pressure.

When the students with a handicap are made part of inclusive classrooms with appropriate learning accommodations, it brings out the best in them. They get motivated to push their boundaries and challenge themselves more healthily and productively.

Choosing the best British school in Dubai that provides an inclusive classroom experience for your child is a necessary step in ensuring that they have the strongest start in life.

Improved Collaboration among Children

Having students who require different learning accommodations in classrooms imbibes a different culture in other students. Studies have shown that other students become more helpful, kind, considerate and attentive in class to help other students.

Children most care about making friends. Providing them with the opportunity to interact with a child who is a little different from them but still equal has a greater positive impact on them in learning and social development.

Some of the best British schools in Dubai have witnessed that students learn to work in a team, help each other, and collaborate rather than compete.

Parting thoughts…

Education is meant to prepare young people for the real world. It means that the school that they choose must also reflect the conditions of real life. AICS is happy to be known as the best British school in Dubai with an inclusive classroom culture as it depicts our commitment to our students’ overall development.

Inclusivity in diversity is the key to building a society that views the world with kindness and works for collective progress.

Choosing a best British schools in Dubai that works on inclusivity means choosing quality education for your child.