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Best British Curriculum Schools in Karama, Dubai

When you consider the Best British Curriculum Schools in Karama, Dubai one of the first questions that come to mind is, Is it the right choice? The good news is that your question is answered affirmatively when you are at Apple Community.

Our instructors and trainers are young, dynamic, and enthusiastic, with extensive coaching and development experience for the various activities. We aspire to provide our children with the best of all through sports and other enrichment programmes. 

We include everyone to support everyone as the Best British curriculum schools in Dubai Karama

We are dedicated to providing an outstanding educational experience for your child at Apple International Community School. Your child will have a fulfilling, stimulating, and happy educational experience with a strong focus on the excellent academic provision. We offer a diverse and enriched outdoor environment and an emphasis on social and emotional health.

We invite you to join us in building a school where every child excels academically, thrives physically, and forms lifelong friendships, forming a group of lifelong learners and preparing them to be global citizens of the future. Apple International Community School is proud to be the best British curriculum schools in Dubai Karama, imparting education to the core. 

Apple community understands the importance of your child’s primary years

To provide a broad and balanced education for our students, the school’s primary curriculum follows the Cambridge Primary Program. It is also based on the Ministry of Education’s Arabic, Islamic Studies, Moral Education, and UAE Social Studies guidelines. Extended learning experiences are included in the curriculum to promote critical thinking, creativity, parental involvement, field trips, and cross-curricular connections with other topics.

The best British school in Dubai promise to build a strong foundation for a brighter future

As part of an enriched version of the New National Curriculum for England, the Foundation Stage curriculum adheres to the Early Years Foundation Stage structure. AICS creates a stimulating, loving, and lively atmosphere in which children develop important social skills and benefit from planned learning opportunities, especially in early reading, writing, mathematics, inquiry, and exploration. Our staff should ensure that each person is encouraged to progress through the Stepping Stones toward their Early Learning objectives.

Apple community considers all students equal and guide them the best values

The ethos of equality and fair access to education for everyone is very important to AICS. We review the provisions for determination students regularly to ensure that they are comprehensive, efficient, and sensitive to evolving student needs. 

We make sure that students’ person and special needs are identified quickly and accurately so that successful strategies can be implemented to maximise students’ learning. Work programmes are addressed with each child, and learning is personalised to meet their goals.

When you want to admit your child the best, Apple International Community school is the right choice. We are loved by our parents whose support has made us the best British school in Dubai. Want to know more about the admission procedure then give us a call today.